Who We Are

BlueCloud AI (Pty) Ltd is a turn-key social media engagement solution that challenges the common beliefs of what social media can do for brands. 

Our innovative services expand the way brands and organizations engage with their existing customers, but most importantly potential customers they are missing out on. 

We humanize the digital experience.

What We Do

We create extensive campaigns on social media platforms by gaining insights on relevant and targeted consumer conversations, maximizing reach and driving engagement for your brand.

We study and track your social media footprint to provide actionable recommendations, to effectively use your social media for optimal engagement in order to maximize budget.

We Listen, Analyze, Discern and Respond.

Our Services
Social Media Response Campaigns

Through our social media tools and strategies we help brands execute campaigns for rapid response, crisis management, targeted campaigns, query management and reputation management.

Social Media Management

Content Calendars, Content Creation, Posting, Graphic Design, Social Media Content Strategy, Social Media Audit, Social Media Brand Growth Strategy.

Social Media Buying

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), boosted posts, optimizing budget spend through intelligent audience targeting strategies.

Influencer Management

Influencer Intelligence, Influencer Coordination, Influencer Selection, Influencer Tracking and Reporting, Influencer Campaign Value.

Live Coverage

On-site personnel deployed at your event for social media coverage, all the necessary planning ahead of the event as well as the close out report at the end of the event.

Digital Listening

Social Media Listening, Media Monitoring, Customer Insights.

Trusted Across Africa